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Green Elixir + Youth Fountain


Completeaza-ti ritualul de frumusete si hraneste-ti organismul, integrand in dieta ta zilnica cele mai puternice super alimente!

  • Imbunatateste nivelul de antioxidanti
  • Lupta impotriva semnelor imbatranirii
  • Creste capacitatea naturala de regenerare a organismului
  • Asigura organismului un aport considerabil de energie
  • Combate stresul si imbunatateste dispozitia generala
  • Sustine sanatatea la nivel celular
  • Te ajuta sa te simti mai sanatos si mai tanar
  • Asigura suport structural tesutului conjunctiv, muschilor si pielii


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  • Livrare gratuita
    pentru Germania, Austria, Italia si Romania.
  • Niciun Risc
    Garantie 100% banii inapoi
  • 100% Vegan
  • Non GMO
  • Fara zahar rafinat
  • Fara Gluten
  • 100% Natural
  • Eficienta Dovedita
  • Calitate Elvetiana
  • Surse Sustenabile

Afla parerea Specialistilor si Nutritionistilor:


Plecand de la expertiza pe care o are in calitate de nutritionist, impreuna cu principille care stau la baza consumului intuitiv, Trista incearca sa isi ajute clientii sa deprinda abilitatile necesare in vederea imbunatatirii relatiei pe care o au cu mancarea, pentru a-si asigura o mai buna calitate a vietii.

“I love the versatility of Green Elixir! It can be prepared and ready in just 30 seconds and gives you every nutrient you need to boost your health. Formulated with over 30 superfoods that specifically work in the body to reduce and eliminate inflammation, Green Elixir is all-natural, gluten free and has sustainably sourced ingredients which gives me confidence to recommend it to my vegan or plant-based clients without worrying whether they will have a negative reaction to the product. Consuming Green Elixir daily is faster and easier than making sure you eat enough fruits, vegetables and whole grains and this makes the product a perfect addition to your diet. Chlorella and spirulina have been added to Green Elixir to boost gut health but it can also boost liver health and function by removing all of the toxins that enter our bodies. I know my clients can transform the health and quality of their lives with this supergreens powder! The non-GMO and Swiss Quality standards ALLKME places on their ingredients makes me want to continue recommending their products for years to come!“


Absolventa a Scolii Canadiene de Nutritie Naturala si sustine cu putere nutritia provenita din surse sustenabile si schimbarile care presupun un stil de viata non-invaziv.

“ALLKME’s Green Elixir is not just a multivitamin. It’s also a green superfood and antioxidant blend! This complex formula is made of various fruits, vegetables, herbs and superfoods that work together to bring the body many different health benefits. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I always suggest a multivitamin that is made of whole foods rather than isolated vitamins. This way you’re getting a whole host of other components from each ingredient that work together in the body to create a synergistic effect. You’re getting antioxidants, fiber, polyphenols, alkaloids, flavanoids and minerals! Green Elixir is 100% plant based and vegan. It’s also non-GMO, gluten free and it doesn’t contain any refined sugars! It contains probiotics which are absolutely essential for overall health and good digestion! A healthy gut promotes good cognitive function, immunity, healthy skin and so much more. Green Elixir improves the body’s pH level by creating a more alkaline environment which is important for disease prevention. It also boosts your metabolism which makes it a wonderful product for anybody who is looking to both get healthy and lose weight! You’ll be pleased to notice increased energy and immunity as well, when using this product. For all these reasons, I believe Green Elixir is perfectly suitable for both men and women’s health needs, no matter how healthy they eat. “


Dietetician Inregistrat la Spitalul Parkland din Dallas si detine un Master in Nutritie la Universitatea Illinois din Chicago.

“Collagen makes up a large part of our hair, skin and nails. There are crucial micronutrients that play a role in the formation of collagen so if you do not get enough of these nutrients, you’ll have dull & dry hair, fragile, thin nails, scaly skin as well as increased formation of wrinkles, tiredness, weakness, irritability, muscle aches and more. Thankfully, you can avoid this scenario getting some assistance from ALLKME’s Youth Foundation formula. With 33 superfoods packed into one small easily to digest and absorb capsule, Youth Foundation is a wonderful addition to your beauty routine and provides numerous health benefits. My favorite thing about this supplement is that you can actually READ the ingredient list and RECOGNIZE every ingredient because it made up of REAL foods. It is made up of natural, vegan, plant-based, and organic ingredients, so you’re not getting a chemically extracted or genetically modified mix of unknown compounds. Altogether, the ALLKME’s Youth Fountain special blend of nutrient-rich ingredients form an unstoppable team to boost your collagen production, protect your skin from damage, improve your hair’s appearance, form stronger nails, and contribute to your daily micronutrient needs for optimal health. Use it to help you on days you don’t eat as well rounded or healthy, when you’re away on vacation and not eating normally, or to round out your overall nutrition in your daily diet.“


Absolventa a Scolii Canadiene de Nutritie Naturala si sustine cu putere nutritia provenita din surse sustenabile si schimbarile care presupun un stil de viata non-invaziv.

“As we age, the body’s ability to produce collagen and promote beautiful, clear skin, strong nails, and healthy, shiny hair decreases year after year. As a Holistic Nutritionist that focuses on women’s health, I believe it’s important to address the root cause of these issues and treat them from the inside out, and this means addressing nutrient deficiencies. I also I strive to find high quality products for both myself and my clients that are all natural, clean and vegan friendly. Considering wrinkling of the skin and brittle nails are a key symptom of collagen deficiency, I find that ALLKME’s Youth Fountain is most definitely a wonderful beauty product that can super charge collagen production and prevent all these problems. This synergistic formula is made with high quality nutrition from 33 whole plant foods including fruits, vegetables and herbs and is packed with antioxidants that are perhaps the most critical component in anti-aging as they scavenge free radicals that all of us are exposed to daily from pollution, chemical products, fried foods and so much more. Youth Fountain is the perfect anti-aging formula, excellent for women who want to look youthful, but also for men.“

Amazing feedback from our friends after they restored their glow with Green Rejuvenation